Modularization of XHTML in RELAX NG

This directory contains an implementataion in RELAX NG of the modularization of XHTML specified by the Modularization of XHTML Recommendation.

The RELAX NG schema has not been mechanically derived from the DTDs. Rather, it has been hand-crafted so as to produce a good quality RELAX NG schema. However, it may well contain bugs.

The modules directory contains all the modules; xhtml-basic.rng uses the modules to implement XHTML Basic; xhtml-strict.rng uses the modules to implement XHTML 1.0 strict; xhtml.rng uses the modules to implement the union of XHTML 1.0 transitional and XHTML 1.0 frameset. You can download everything as part of the main Jing distribution. To create a custom version of XHTML, simply copy xhtml.rng and delete the inclusions of the modules that you do not want.

The biggest difference between the RELAX NG implementation and the DTD implementation is that the RELAX NG implementation does not require you to create a model module specific to the combination of XHTML modules you are using. Instead, simply include the modules you want. The modules take care of redefining the content models appropriately.

Note also the following differences:

James Clark