[relaxng-user] [ANN] oXygen XML Editor 5.1

George Cristian Bina george at oxygenxml.com
Tue Jan 18 19:07:58 ICT 2005

I am really glad to announce a new version of <oXygen/> XML Editor.  The 
main additions in version 5.1 are folding, code templates, better Relax 
NG support, Schematron validation and the possibility to use MSXML and 
XSLTProc as XSLT transformers.
The full list of new features with descriptions and a few video 
demonstrations can be found at:

The better Relax NG support means an improved content completion support 
and a model view implementation based on Relax NG. The content 
completion is now context sensitive and is able to present attribute 
values. Also ID values are collected during validation and presented for 
IDREF or IDREFS attribute values. The model view offers schema 
information for the current element like name, namespace, attributes and 
also presents part of the current validation pattern that corresponds to 
the element model.
The Schematron support includes support for validating XML documents 
with Relax NG schemas that contain embedded Schematron rules.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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