[relaxng-user] trang: translating comments between compact and xml

David Tolpin dvd at davidashen.net
Sat Dec 6 02:20:12 ICT 2003

> On input, trang associates comments with the next following object (i.e.
> pattern, name-class, grammar component, annotation).  On output, it
> reverses this.  The next object following the "case b" comment is the
> empty pattern.  So on output, the comment will end up before <empty/>
> element.

Great, this is sufficient to know to write schemas that can be turned into
XML syntax with trang.

> preceding object and flag that in its internal representation, but I
> think it would be hard to make it always do what a human who actually
> understood the comment would do.

I realize it, and I didn't expect the tool to do more than it does now,
I just wanted to understand (and somehow failed from reading the source code)
how one should align comments to get consistent results.


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