[relaxng-user] schema in multiple files: trang problems

Manuel González Castro iinmgc00 at ucv.udc.es
Mon Dec 1 18:43:12 ICT 2003


I'm writing a modular schema in compact syntax, so I have


I'm having problems when I translate my schema (file "driver.rnc") into XML syntax with trang (version 20030619).

1) The point between the name and the extension is missing in the generated module files:

module1rng   <== should be "module1.rng"
module2rng   <== should be "module2.rng"

2) In my schema design, all modules define elements and attributes in the default namespace, and the driver file includes them in a namespace with the "inherit" keyword. It looks like:

namespace myns = "http://mynamespace"
include "module1.rnc" inherit = myns
include "module2.rnc" inherit = myns 

However, after the translation into XML syntax the resulting RNG files (driver and modules) have all grammars, elements and attributes defined in the default namespace. It seems that trang ignores the namespace definition in my RNC driver file.

I tried with a driver file like this:

default namespace = "http://mynamespace"
include "module1.rnc"
include "module2.rnc"

And it happens the same. Any workarround for this?

Thanks in advance for your time,

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